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Sheikh Mohamad Abou Eid had been banned from Preston Mosque by the Islamic Council of Victoria. But he returned on Friday, provoking mosque administrators and attempting to declare to his congregants that he had done nothing wrong. "He believes there's a lot of money that has been collected and has gone missing," Sheikh Mohamad told A Current Affair through an interpreter. "This money was doctor home loan Oak Laurel www.oaklaurel.com.au 0430129662 supposed to be used for refugees, to help poor people who lost their parents in the war. It's for kids who are homeless, for everyone who needed it basically. In Australia and outside of Australia." A Current Affair Tempers flared during a confrontation at a Melbourne mosque amid allegations of lost funds that were earmarked for charities and community projects. Some members of the congregation are fearful that money may have been sent to extremist groups overseas. Tarik Nasher of the Islamic Society of Victoria is an administrator at Preston Mosque has labelled the accusation untrue. "That's not true, that's not true at all," Mr Nasher declared. However, he failed to elaborate on why Sheikh Mohamad was banned from the mosque. Nearby residents were unimpressed that the normally peaceful congregation erupted to such an extent that a strong police presence was required for evening prayers.